The Values of Our Company

The recruitment agency Jobs Contact Consulting, s.r.o. is built up on four crucial values:
Partnership = respect
Professionalism = quality and expertise
Innovation = flexibility and speed
Fairness = openness and confidence

We are aware of the fact that these days it is humankind that represents one of the most valuable issues of the world. The business of a recruitment agency is solely based on people, their abilities and skills. We perceive our clients, candidates as well as consultants as partners. Our aim is to create a long-term cooperation based on correctness and mutual respect.

We pay a careful attention to the expertise and quality of our work. Our team is created only by people who feel like learning new things and they consider lifelong learning and improvement on their skills and abilities to be a pleasure/commonplace/necessity. To maintain the quality, all the candidates participate in the internal educational system accompanied by the external courses as well. Our consultants are not only experts on recruitment but they also have long-standing experience in other specialisations such as ICT, development, electro, production, finance and economics or trade and marketing. We also leave space for graduates who are about to form their future carrier. Those people always work under more experienced and qualified colleagues and are continuously educated in the field they decided to participate in.

We consider the development of our company of high importance (for our clients). We are ready for the innovation of our services progressively according to our clients´ current needs in the first place. Secondly, we also adopt our services quickly and effectively to the labour market. Finally, we always consider a possibility of necessity to improve certain thing, process or operation.

Our clients (the companies and job seekers) are those who make the final decision about all the aspects of our cooperation and how it will look like. When we come across a problem, we communicate openly and with confidence with the other participants because we believe that together we can solve it better and quicker.

We hold the same attitude to multinational companies and to those who are starting a new business. Every client is important to us. We believe that fair behaviour leads to clients´ satisfaction and satisfied clients will come back or recommend our agency further.

We really care that everybody makes a profit from our actions - companies, job seekers, agency employees and owners as well.