What can you, as a job seeker, expect?

We really care about building and maintaining the vast net of qualified job seekers. So you can find job offers on this web page and react on them via online application forms or just send your curriculum vitae (further just CV) directly to our consultant´s email that takes care of a particular expertise.

Even though you do not find a suitable position for you on our web page, we will be pleased to familiarize ourselves with your CV. If you have any practice in the field of information technology, electrical engineering, production or trade, purchase, finance and others, or you master any foreign language, there is a great possibility that we will be looking for somebody like you in a close future.

Our big advantage is undoubtedly a general overview over the labour market as a whole and so a long-term cooperation with us can provide you with more potential job offers. Moreover, by the cooperation with us you will obtain a strong support when persuading the employers that you are really the right job seeker.

If we receive your CV, you will be informed about it immediately, as well as about the details concerning further processing of your materials.

  • We possess the licence from Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs for the realization of services.
  • The activities, connected with the employment service, are free for job seekers.
  • We will inform you about the presentation of your materials to our clients.
  • We will work discreetly with your materials and only with the best of intentions.

Our consultants serve you as guides through possible selection procedures and will help you with forming your CV or cover letter. We are also able to highlight strengthens and warn you about some required improvements.

We work with our job seekers in order to increase their chances to succeed. We also give advice how to improve your personal presentation, how to communicate properly during the interview and what to avoid. Meetings and interviews in our agency are considered to be training before the interview at the potential employer.

If you have any question, please do not hesitate and contact us.


How to write a Curriculum Vitae?

A functional CV is a document which represents your person during looking for a new occupation. It also represents the first information about your person which goes to your potential employer and so take your time when writing your CV so as to attract somebody´s attention for the first time.

Crucial principles for forming CV
  • Chronological
  • Brief
  • Correct
  • True
  • Simple layout
The structure of CV
  • Personal information – first name, surname, address, phone number, e-mail, date of birth (alternatively also age)
  • Education – write the institution (in case of a University, also a faculty), specialisation and the year of graduation. It is also recommended to mention the topic of your (bachelor/master) thesis. The highest achieved education is mentioned in the first place.
  • Work experience and qualifications – write the name of your employer, the period, name of a current position and a brief job description. It is also appropriate to add some possible used technologies. If you are a graduate, mention also relevant practice during your studies or part-time jobs. Put these in order from the latest to the oldest again.
  • Odborné znalosti a školení – rozveďte, případně doplňte další znalosti, které jsou relevantní k pracovní pozici, na kterou se hlásíte.
  • Language skills – besides the name of a language, write also the level you have reached (elementary/pre-intermediate/intermediate/ upper-intermediate/ advanced; active/ passive use)
  • Other achievements - publications, certificates, internship
  • References – contacts to persons who can provide you with references (telephone or e-mail, name, surname and the relationship to this person)
  • Hobbies, interests – only if they are connected to the offered position.


How to write a covering letter?

When firstly contacting a company, it is recommended to attach also a cover letter to the CV you are sending. The aim of the cover letter is to give you space for your ideas such as why you are interested in this position, what caught your attention and what are your qualities that are suitable for this position.

What to mention in your covering letter?
  • Write the source from which you have got the information about the job offer (press, agency, particular web page, trade fair etc.) in the introduction
  • Give some reason why you are reacting to this position and what caught your attention
  • Try to briefly summarize what makes you a suitable candidate for this position
  • Express yourselves clearly, avoid using clichés
  • Mention other contacts where they can contact you about further information
  • Before sending your CV, check the text once more so you will avoid possible mistakes
  • A covering letter should be long up to 10 lines
  • Advertisements


How to be well-prepared for the interview?

Here are some tips:

  • Get dressed smartly – be representative
  • Study client´s web site before the interview – they can ask you about what you already know about the company
  • Ask about the assigned time for the interview
  • Be natural and responsive
  • Be adequately confident and believe in yourself
  • Don´t be afraid to ask about what you are interested in
  • Be active - try to get as much information as possible
  • Tell the truth - if you do not know anything, admit it
  • Don´t be afraid to take notes during the interview
  • Leave the discussion about your future salary to the employer. When asked about your preferences, you should firstly think about all the items included in the salary and then react.
  • Make no bad references about your previous employers
  • Ask for the information concerning the final decision on your success or failure at the end of the interview


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