We seek employees who fulfil your requirements. We cover all positions from blue –collar professions, technical specialists, administration and businessmen to managers. You will be assigned to a particular consultant who is the experienced specialist in the profession you are looking to hire. Our consultants use proven procedures and long-term experience in the Labour market in the Czech Republic.

If the position, you are looking to hire, is highly unusual we can come up with a suitable solution. This can represent the method called Executive Search / Headhunting – the direct addressing predicted persons. This method is usually used In case of searching the TOP managers or narrowly focused specialists. When using this method we put a big emphasis on the diplomatic approach to all the participants.



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Ask for the service called “Interesting Candidates” and we will send you the list of the most interesting people who are currently looking for new job positions. You can also find the interesting candidates on our web page right

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Temporary staffing service

This service represents seeking those employees who fulfil our clients´ requirements. Successful candidates will become our Jobs Contact agency employees who are temporarily assigned to a client. The agency continuously represents an employer. The client leads these employees and organizes their work but without any strain connected with the clerical work involving their salary.

You can also transfer your current employees to our JCC agency and we will cover complete clerical work connected with the employment. Your employees will become our employees and will be subsequently assigned to work in your company. The advantage is the fact that our stuffing agency can create an unlimited chain of temporary job contracts.

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Adaptation and relocation service

It is not always easy to find a suitable candidate in the place, where your company is situated and it is not also an easy decision for most of us to move to a workplace. In such situations our hesitations may be reduced by the fact that somebody else can take over a lot of worries from us.

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Moving to a new place is demanding and moving together with a new job position is even more demanding. The aim of our service is to help employees with both these issues so that the moving to a new workplace is as smooth as possible. Together with our partners we offer the complete relocation service with an individual assistance by which we can define the needs that are necessary for the client to deal with.

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Veletrhy / Talent Banka

This system is designed to hire employees over a trial period. A candidate firstly represents an assigned candidate also called an agency employee and in case of the client´s satisfaction they can sign a full - time job contract. By this way you will get maximal verification of the candidate during the recruitment.




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Recruitment and labour-law consultant services

If the complete offer of recruitment or temporarily assigned employees is not attractive enough for you, you can try using our consultations in the following areas:

  • Advertisements
  • Preliminary selection
  • Interviews conducting
  • Testing and evaluation of job seekers
  • Verification of reference and validity of information


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It is possible to leave the clerical work involving the processing of your employees´ salaries to us but they will still remain your employees. This service involves monthly processing of salaries, yearly settlement of taxes, the cooperation with the Social Security Administration and insurance companies, the preparation of payment orders and payments of compensation. Payrolling reduces the costs of your employees.

On-line marketing

This service will solve your need for qualified employees reflecting a particular situation, size or specialisation of a particular company. This service is usually used for the job positions such as project leaders, programmers or technical and administration support.

Assisted adaptations

By the assigned assistant we will guide the employee through the whole relocation process during which we will also define the needs that are important for the client to deal with.

We will choose an appropriate place to live according to our clients´ requirements and priorities. As a result, he or she can examine only those places which exactly meet their requirements and everything is effectively planed on the basis of agreed deadlines.

We will introduce clients to the locality of their future living and so they can be sure that it is suitable for their lifestyle.

We will also help our clients to transfer the services connected with the place to live such as electricity or Water Company. In case of your interest we can also process the insurance connected with the rent or possession and we can also offer the solution concerning the internet connection or phone services.

Our assistants can also help you with the opening a bank account, pass for public transport or for example with the choice of an insurance company – doctor, dentist etc.

Together with our partners we offer complete services through which we can define the needs that are necessary for the client to deal with.





  • Assisted adaptations
  • Living – reality services
  • Moving – removal agency or renting a car
  • Help and support when looking for a job for your partner
  • Cleaning service
  • Household service
  • Babysitting
  • Hobby circles
  • Pet service
  • Renting a car


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